Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Pirates of Black Cove ingame video

Here is a clip from the demo which shows some graphics I did for the game.
For example the menue background, UI icons and the first cutscene at the beginning, which was a beast ... I finished it in 2 working days. There are more of them in the game. I'm curious to see how all turned out, as I didn't animate them, just provided the layered images.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Pirates of Black Cove was released today!

Yeah it's out now and I'm happy to finally get this game started and see what happend to the many hours and days which rushed by so fast in the last few months. My fellows at Nitrogames did a great job from what I saw in trailers and screenshots and the first few reviews are quite positive too.
If you're interested check out this website which refers you to all downloading plattforms which provide the digital copy of the game. Have fun! >>>LINK<<<

And here's the cover artwork with the pirate whom all pirates fear.

Pirates of Black Cove- main character 3: Long Shot Jack

And here comes the last of the three main characters called Long Shot Jack!

Hope you like these guys!